→● 1700 ●← This Is Us Blended And Blessed

segunda-feira, junho 29, 2020

→● 1700 ●← This Is Us Blended And Blessed

-.On me right.-
Hair: *barberyumyum* L13(02)
Makeup: Cosmetize / The Plush Collection @Access Event New!
Glasses: ED. Monique Sunglasses Gift @Access Event New!
Bracelet: ROZOREGALIA_JAORAN* @Access Event New!
Accessory: RichB. Mad NoseChain @Access Event New!
Accessory: RichB. Access Gift @Access Event New!
Pose: Focus Poses This Is Us Blended And Blessed Gift @Access Event New!

Special participation:
Junior Lennier - Visit her Flickr for more information
Thanks 💗

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